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This is a fork of to simplify building multi-arch images.

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Node Driver Registrar

The node-driver-registrar is a sidecar container that registers the CSI driver with Kubelet using the kubelet plugin registration mechanism.

This is necessary because Kubelet is responsible for issuing CSI NodeGetInfo, NodeStageVolume, NodePublishVolume calls. The node-driver-registrar registers your CSI driver with Kubelet so that it knows which Unix domain socket to issue the CSI calls on.


This information reflects the head of this branch.

Compatible with CSI Version Container Image Min K8s Version
CSI Spec v1.3.0 1.13

For release-0.4 and below, please refer to the driver-registrar repository.


There are two UNIX domain sockets used by the node-driver-registrar:

  • Registration socket:

    • Registers the driver with kubelet.
    • Created by the node-driver-registrar.
    • Exposed on a Kubernetes node via hostpath in the Kubelet plugin registry. (typically /var/lib/kubelet/plugins_registry/<>-reg.sock). The hostpath volume must be mounted at /registration.
  • CSI driver socket:

    • Used by kubelet to interact with the CSI driver.
    • Created by the CSI driver.
    • Exposed on a Kubernetes node via hostpath somewhere other than the Kubelet plugin registry. (typically /var/lib/kubelet/plugins/<>/csi.sock).
    • This is the socket referenced by the --csi-address and --kubelet-registration-path arguments.
    • Note that before Kubernetes v1.17, if the csi socket is in the /var/lib/kubelet/plugins/ path, kubelet may log a lot of harmless errors regarding grpc GetInfo call not implemented (fix in kubernetes/kubernetes#84533). The /var/lib/kubelet/csi-plugins/ path is preferred in Kubernetes versions prior to v1.17.

Required arguments

  • --csi-address: This is the path to the CSI driver socket (defined above) inside the pod that the node-driver-registrar container will use to issue CSI operations (e.g. /csi/csi.sock).
  • --kubelet-registration-path: This is the path to the CSI driver socket on the host node that kubelet will use to issue CSI operations (e.g. `/var/lib/kubelet/plugins/<>/csi.sock). Note this is NOT the path to the registration socket.

Optional arguments

  • --health-port: This is the port of the health check server for the node-driver-registrar, which checks if the registration socket exists. A value <= 0 disables the server. Server is disabled by default.

Required permissions

The node-driver-registrar does not interact with the Kubernetes API, so no RBAC rules are needed.

It does, however, need to be able to mount hostPath volumes and have the file permissions to:

  • Access the CSI driver socket (typically in /var/lib/kubelet/plugins/<>/).
    • Used by the node-driver-registrar to fetch the driver name from the driver contain (via the CSI GetPluginInfo() call).
  • Access the registration socket (typically in /var/lib/kubelet/plugins_registry/).
    • Used by the node-driver-registrar to register the driver with kubelet.


Here is an example sidecar spec in the driver DaemonSet. <> should be replaced by the actual driver's name.

        - name: csi-driver-registrar
            - "--csi-address=/csi/csi.sock"
            - "--kubelet-registration-path=/var/lib/kubelet/plugins/<>/csi.sock"
            - "--health-port=9809"
            - name: plugin-dir
              mountPath: /csi
            - name: registration-dir
              mountPath: /registration
            - containerPort: 9809
              name: healthz
              path: /healthz
              port: healthz
            initialDelaySeconds: 5
            timeoutSeconds: 5
        - name: registration-dir
            path: /var/lib/kubelet/plugins_registry/
            type: Directory
        - name: plugin-dir
            path: /var/lib/kubelet/plugins/<>/
            type: DirectoryOrCreate

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