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Liebling is a beautiful and clean Ghost theme that is easy and comfortable to use. It's free and you can use it for any kind of content you might have. Now with dark mode 🌓!

If you find this theme useful, please consider to make a donation to support its development! 🙏🏼



You can see a live demo here:


To get the latest version please head over the releases page and download the file of the latest release.

IMPORTANT: To know how to enable the search, comments, newsletter and more, please head to the Wiki.

From now on, this theme is only compatible with Ghost 3


General features

  • Clean and beautiful design 💅🏼
  • Lightning fast
  • Fully responsive, looks great on any device 📱
  • Compatible with modern browsers 💻
  • Fast support 📞

Ghost features

  • Subscription form more info here
  • Multiple authors
  • Logo support
  • Secondary menu
  • Featured posts and pages
  • Post, Page, Tag, Authors, pages
  • Koenig editor
  • Bookmark card
  • Gallery card
  • Blog title and description
  • Cover image for Home, Post, Page, Tag, Author pages
  • Author avatar, bio, location, website and social links
  • Facebook and Twitter social links
  • Reading time
  • Next and Previous post navigation
  • Primary tag in posts

Liebling unique features

  • Dark mode
  • Search
  • Custom Subscribe page
  • Custom authors page
  • Custom error page
  • Medium style image zoom
  • Comments with Disqus
  • Share post on Facebook and Twitter
  • Slider for featured posts
  • Support for normal, wide and full images in posts
  • Reading progress indicator
  • RTL language support


Tests performed

  • W3C Markup Validation: Correct validation
  • Ghost GScan: 100/100 points
  • GTmetrix PageSpeed Score: A (97%)
  • PageSpeed Insights: 94/100 (mobile) 99/100 (desktop)
  • Pingdom Performance Grade: A 91

Theme development

Thanks to D3473R 💪🏼 for creating a development environment with Docker. From now on you can work on this theme without installing a Ghost instance on your local machine. With two commands you have an instant development setup and you can build the theme for production.

Please take a look to this page to see how it works:

Help and Support

If you have any questions or troubles with this product, please feel free to open an issue here.


Contributions are very welcome. First, please read the Pull Request Guidelines on the wiki.

  • Firma - Ghost theme that can be used by startups to large companies to publish any kind of articles related to their business. It stands out for its clean design and is able to adapt to any company's identity.

  • Weiss Pro - Modern and beautiful Ghost theme ready to make your content shine.


Copyright (c) 2019-2020 Eduardo Gómez. Released under the MIT license.


All the photos I used in this theme were taken from Unsplash